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Health begins in the colon

Client Testimonials

Before my first colonic, I had major fear that the insertion of a tube would hurt and I imagined the water would blast through my colon like a fire hose and cause some kind of damage. I wanted the benefits I’d heard about: more energy, a flatter belly and knowing that trapped waste and gas, environmental and food toxins had been cleaned out of my colon. So I got up my nerve and went to see Louretta Walker at BodyZAlive.

I had a wonderful experience. Nothing hurt! The whole process was extremely gentle, even pleasurable. Afterward, I felt centered, calm and full of energy. I was totally safe in the hands of Louretta. She has years of experience. She is very personable and has a healing and reassuring manner. I highly recommend all the colon therapists at BodyZAlive. I’m so glad I didn’t succumb to my unwarranted fears! I now receive colonics on a regular basis. I consider it the best preventative, natural treatment for my overall health and well—being.

G Powers, WaveMaker coach

I have never felt or looked so good. I have lost 7 pounds in three weeks and my skin feels very clean and fresh. It was completely different from what I had imagined. The colon therapist at Body Alive was so gentle and discreet.

RG, A new devotee from London, now dwelling in Santa Monica

I believe colon cleansing has improved the quality of my life. The facilitators at Body Alive have a unique gift of making one feel comfortable and at ease. I love coming to Body Alive, it is the best in Los Angeles. 


As a breast cancer patient, I've dealt with surgeries, weeks of daily radiation as well as a high intake of medications and supplements, all designed to treat the illness. I searched for anything that would help me to feel better while dealing with my health.

In my search I discovered Louretta Walker at Body Alive Colon Hydrotherapy. I began a schedule of regular colonics and my energy changed tremendously. It was amazing! I felt great and my skin even began to glow.

I believe that Louretta's high level of experience has contributed to me getting through my cancer treatments, working everyday and having been energized to exercise on a regular basis.

Not only does Body Alive offer a great benefit to our health, Louretta has brought a very special kindness to me from her heart.

To your health,


I was recently at dinner with friends, and one asked about detoxification, which I have supervised for 20 years in various forms. He said his MD wanted him to also do colonics and what I thought. I told him that colonics weren't just necessary, but that they are essential to the detoxification process.

Dr. Vicki Swanson, D. C.

A few years ago I started to read up on health issues more; prompted by the realization that, as I was climbing up my forties decade ladder, I could no longer get away with taking the health of my body for granted, as one does when younger. The more I read and thought about colon hydrotherapy the more it made so much sense to me.

Well, I am now a regular client at Body Alive.  Louretta Walker is one the classiest people I know: she makes the entire experience totally comfortable and immensely beneficial. I would never have imagined, not that long ago, that I would look forward to having regular colonic irrigation treatments - but I do!  There is the sure knowledge that you are doing something of intrinsic, immediate, significant benefit to your overall health. How often can you do something that provides instant gratification, with no downside, and all for less cost than keeping your car in reasonable condition!  I am convinced that having these treatments is one of the best things I can do to keep me running as well as my car!  It has helped me with weight maintenance, skin condition, reducing stress . . . the list goes on.  Oh yes, only one regret, that I didn't start this much earlier.  Body Alive and Louretta get A+  grades  - and my students would tell you that I'm a tough grader!


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